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Apsáalooke  SOLD  OUT

Bronze Edition of 10

37"H x  20"W x 30"D


Circa 1860’s

Apsáalooke (Crow), Siouan speaking people, were part of the Hidatsa, separating from them by the 1600’s. The Crow’s historic territory was in and near the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming.

“Apsáalooke” portrays the hierarchy within a war party. Each individual wears regalia which symbolize their status. 

Pipe holder – Akdoochia (war party leader) – Hairstyle is traditional Crow Pompadour. – Vest is decorated with brass shoe buttons, made in France, acquired by trade. – Brass arm bands – Belt and tacked knife sheath – Springfield rifle a.k.a. “Trapdoor Springfield” – Leggings are decorated with hair locks and fringes.


Wolves (scouts) – Wolf head dresses – Tack decorated Henry’s rifle, was the predecessor of the Winchester 66 a.k.a. “Yellow Boy” – Barnett North West Gun severely modified. Two feathers, indicating number of enemies lives taken with the gun. – Tails on Moccasins equals killed enemy in his own land.

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