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Bronze Edition of 10

30"H x  12"W x 20"D

Circa 1840’s

The Lakota Sioux are a Siouan language speaking people. They were originally from Minnesota, but by 1850’s they claimed a large area of western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming which included the Black Hills. The Lakota Sioux met with the Dragoons near Fort Laramie in 1845. They were awed by the firepower of the howitzers. They thought that the Dragoons were "a new and superior kind of white people." 

The United States Dragoons (mounted infantry) was organized in 1833. They were in charge of protecting the traders along the trail from Indian attacks. From 1843-45, several companies of Dragoons, including Company A, 1st U.S. Dragoons, from Fort Scott, participated in military expeditions along the overland trails.

"Dragoons Hat” portrays a Lakota Sioux who may have acquired these army issue items through capture or trade and has incorporated them with his regalia and traditional attire.

Army Issue – M1840 Sword a.k.a. “Old Wrist Breaker” Dragoons issue – Hat and Jacket Dragoons issue Trade Items and Regalia – Nickel-plated brass cross, acquired by trade – War Whistle – Breechcloth made of trade cloth – Trade knife and sheath

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